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Take Two

June 17, 2013

Time it marches on.

– Completely dated reference that’s new(ish) to me. The existence of the Bechdel Movie Test is making my day.
– Twitter recently reminded me of the Josh Radnor’s advocacy of happiness in films in HuffPost. Still an enlightening read.
-Falling in love is a little like reading a new book.
Living so that if you died your life mattered.
-I’ve been binging on web-series and I recently re-watched the much underrated Dating Rules From My Future Self.
– ICYMI OK GO’s Tiny Desk Concert was a fantastic visual.


Character Break

June 12, 2013

Time it marches on.

– In defense of feeding the trolls.
– I love Slate’s new(ish) Gateway Episodes project. If it’s new to you start with this week’s Veronica MarsThe Wrath of Con.
– Romantic Comedies about all the relationships, before the one that worked are gaining in popularity. Long live the unromantic comedy!
– Despite Smash‘s failure Broadway shows could work on network tv.
– Someone has created an amazing mashup of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky & Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. It shouldn’t work but it really does.
– Joss Whedon + Anatomy of a Scene: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ = enough said.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.51.25 PM


Character Break

June 5, 2013

Time it marches on.

– The We Think Alone project lanches in a few weeks.
Comics and fandoms are already reaching women – they just need to understand why.
– I generally don’t care for Megyn Kelly, because I think she’s smarter than she pretends to be, but she was pretty impressive this week when she accurately took down her colleagues for misogamy  homophobia, and inaccurate fact checking.
A look at the societal reason female heart attack victims are made invisible.
– ICYMI Michelle Obama was heckled at a fundraiser then, awesomely stopped and demanded civility or her talk was over.
– I love May and June -primarily because I love earnest heartfelt speeches. And graduations always provide then. Best line of this one: “It’s always a mistake to run against Barack Obama.”

‘Arrested Development’: Family, Privilege, And The Price of Losing Yourself

June 4, 2013

There aren’t a lot of shows that root for their characters to fail. That was my main thought as I watched Netflix’s newest installment tothe Arrested Development universe.

©2013 NETFLIX  CR: F. Scott Schafer

There are many complaints from critics about the newest season and I agree with most of them. It’s also telling a slightly different story than it has before. Whether that’s because it’s hoping to lead into a movie or because the writers were just interested in showing us a different perspective, it does lead to an important question that Think Progress’s

The classical definition of the forms means that in comedies, everyone will be all right—if by all right you mean hitched—by the end, while in dramas, things are destined to conclude poorly. But the best sitcoms have a talent for tricking you into forgetting that their characters’ predestination. I have been utterly convinced byCheers that Norm might permanently drop out of the workforce, by Community that Abed Nadir might not survive his encounters with the social rules of the wider world, by 30 Rock that Liz Lemon might be crushed by Jack Donaghy, and later that their friendship might not survive some of the obstacles flung in its path.

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Take Two

June 3, 2013

Time it marches on.

Another Monday another examination of some of my favorite older cultural pieces.

What should female action heroes model differently? 
– I’m continuously confused on why admire “hot messes”
In need of must see-tv?
– Sherman Alexie’s take on YA fiction remains perfect.
– For anyone who’s been put in the ‘girlfriend’ zone or anyone who understands how ridiculous that statement is.
– Watching Joss Whedon’s Wesleyan address reminded me of other fantastic advice, this time from Kathryn Schulz

Iron Man 3 & The Unmaking of a Terrorist Mythology

May 30, 2013


This post discusses plot points from Iron Man in extensive detail

“We make our own demons”   Tony Stark… and someone famous

The backlash theory of terrorist attacks on the United States and its interests has become popular in recent years, especially in our pop culture. Shows like Homeland & Bones have taken it on by providing instances where characters are recruited as terrorists in part or wholly because they’ve been victimized.

Iron Man’s critique of the War on Terror takes a slightly different take—and a more radical one—by suggesting that the War on Terror is an invention that both terrorists and the terrorized participate in and that capitalism ultimately finds gains within it.

The overall argument is not that the US is to blame or that we’re culpable, but that our way of life leaves us open to this kind of terror. It’s not our sense of freedom that provides the fuse rather that our culture allows the space to seek out avenues to success that are unrestrained by true checks and balances.

It doesn’t take long for the movie to begin its trail to this point. We begin the film in 1999 as Stark creates a few personal demons of his own that will soon come back to haunt him.

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Character Break

May 15, 2013

Time it marches on.

Think Progress has an excellent piece on how slut shaming has been written into school dress codes for years.
– There’s a fantastic I Love Charts has a fantastic new info-graphic on the breakdown of party and gender in the U.S. Congress.
– Salon wants you to know that cupcakes and your I-Phone have something in common. They’ve both made addicts of us all.
– There was a great deal of enraged commentary from my fellow millennials. I personally thought it was more of a lazy intellectual lift, and not a malice one, but there were a few interesting commentaries on it can be found here, here, here, and most importantly here.
Coulson lives!
– I’m surprisingly very excited about the new Michael J Fox Show.

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