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Profile of Kimya Kavenhkar

May 26, 2009

Two of the group’s members hold colorful guitars while the youngest stands between them, with a disarming smile on his face. Their clothing manages to be both chic and stylish while radiating youth and frivolity. They are attractive clean cut as do all of Disney’s young stars. While posing for pictures they mentally prepare themselves for the night ahead.

No, this trio is not the pop sensation The Jonas Brothers; instead they are Kimya Kavehkar and her suitemates Christine Allen and Jessica Bonet. As part of an ongoing joke that attempts to make the pop rock trio The Jonas Brothers appear ridiculous the three roommates dressed up as the band for Halloween.

This is the kind of free spiritedness that causes Allen, one of Kavenhkar’s closest friends, to describe her as, “loud funny [with] absolutely no shame.” Her gutsy personality is just one of the characteristics that motivated her to travel nearly 2,000 miles to attend school in Boston, Massachusetts. Kavenhkar’s grew up in Austin Texas, an urban city that offers, in her words, “more music options than Boston,”

A move to Boston is not the only thing that Kavenhkar’s confidence and drive has provided her, however. When recalling an internship last summer Kavenhkar described her application process as an example of who she is as a person. One day she decided that she needed an internship and immediately sought one with no doubt that she would stand out amongst her peers. She describes herself as a person who “makes things happen”.

As a Print and Multimedia Journalism major Kavenhkar plans to pursue a career in International or Fashion Journalism after graduation. She plans to achieve this goal in the same way that she’s achieved everything else in her life by going after it with dogged determination.

That determination has proven successful in the past most notably when it, combined with her scholastic record, helped her win a $1,000 scholarship to the International Baccalaureate Program at Oxford. While in the program, Kavenhkar studied Human Rights with a private Oxford tutor and attended lectures about, in her words, “everything from the EU to Romantic British Poetry”.

While an undergraduate student at Emerson College, Kavenhkar is already beginning to gain the credentials that will help foster her career. She is an active member of the Fashion Society, Writer’s Block, and EmMagazine. Her hope is that these and other activities will eventually help secure her a place in the world journalism industry.

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