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Scene Setting

May 26, 2009

The indoor black framed lights cast a slight glow over him. It’s a slightly gray January day in Boston, with heavy winds that cut through layers of clothing and chill your spine. He has found a warm place to relax before his next stop. The busy downtown Starbucks is fueled almost entirely by patrons who only stay long enough to receive their caffeinated drinks.

On this Thursday afternoon he appears to have enough time to settle in amongst business men and women and enjoy his beverage. Seated at a corner table he fiddles with his wallet; organizing and reorganizing its contents while stretching out his long legs and exposing his lanky frame. He occupies a table for three. His legs taking up the space a second chair would normally occupy while his dark brown corduroy jacket takes up the third and final seat. With his legs crossed at his calves his rotates his left ankle in a circular motion as he murmurs into his cherry red LG cell phone. His voice is too soft to carry far, but hushed murmured words like “baby” and “tonight”. He appears to be explaining something, his right hand routinely sways upward seemingly of its own violation as he struggles to make his point known.

His presence is an unfamiliar sight at this time and at this particular Starbucks. The entire establishment is filled not with men like himself in tan baggy pants and sweatshirts but with business people with bulky laptops and stacks of sticky notes waiting to be utilized. He appears ignorant or at the very least unconcerned by these facts. The constant flow of college students in multi-colored rain boots, business men and women, and police officers in bright yellow vests seem invisible to him as he shuts his cell phone and glances at his Styrofoam cup.

Before he leaves, he pulls on his coat, grips his bag and takes one brief look at the growing crowd. A few seconds later it’s as if he was never there. A young man with an HP laptop and a small suitcase shortly takes his place at the corner table.

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