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May 26, 2009
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Randi Goldklank, a woman often seen behind the scenes of most news coverage, became a story herself earlier tonight. Goldklank the general manager of Boston news station WHDH was arrested earlier tonight and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Allegedly Goldklank was involved in several outbursts after a Delta flight from Philadelphia to Boston on Sunday night. According to a Massachusetts State police report airport attendants had to escort her off of the aircraft due to her unsteadiness. Police had already been contacted regarding Goldklank due to her disorderly behavior while onboard the aircraft.

According to the report, Goldklank staggered out of Gate number nine at Logan International airport smelling of alcohol. The report states that while being taken into custody she struck the arresting officer breaking the prescription eye glasses and threatened him, screaming, “Leave me alone, do you know who the [obscenity] I am? I’ll have a news crew down here in minutes and you will lose your [obscenity] jobs”.

“I’m a big shot in Boston,” Goldklank is reported as saying to Troopers “and I’ll have your [obscenity] jobs you think you’re a [obscenity] tough guy, you just watch and see what[obscenity] happens to you when I get [obscenity] out of here.”

Goldklank was so unmanageable that police had difficulty booking her due to her level of intoxication. After refusing to answer any questions and swearing at officers Goldklank the report states that she became subdued.

A few minutes late the report states that she leaned forward and said to Sergeant Luce, “You think I’m cure and I think you’re cute, just drive me home.”

Later, after medical professionals from Boston Health and Hospital were called, Goldklank was overheard saying that she had had “about three dozen drinks,” according to the report. The report also stated that Goldklank was overheard saying she had been taking Lexapro for depression.

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