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Why Bloomberg Could Succeed And Why He Won’t Run

February 20, 2011

During an appearance on Meet the Press last Sunday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg responded “no way, no how” when NBC’s David Gregory asked he’d consider a run for the highest office. “I’m not going to run for President,” Bloomberg said “I’ve got a great job. I’m going to finish up my 1,100 and whatever number days it is left to go, and I’ll leave the politics to the experts.”

Actions speak louder than words, however, and Bloomberg’s actions seem to contradict his apparent lack of interest. Speeches decrying the two party system, support for the organization “No Labels”, and expressions of condolence for Obama and support for broader public centered policies.

Regardless of whether or not he runs many can’t foresee a way for the Mayor to win—and Bloomberg’s nothing if not an effective campaigner. He doesn’t run for to prove broader points or to act as a spoiler. Knowledge of that is the only reason I don’t doubt Bloomberg’s denials.

If Bloomberg runs he wins some Easter and Western areas, but not the Rust Belt states. Neither of the three (more than likely) candidates gain a majority. At that point—with a race too close to call—Congress would be the decider of who and how a President is decided. Bloomberg doesn’t care for the President, but he likes Congress even less.

For more speculation about Bloomberg’s theoretical run check out the Daily BeastRoll Call, and the WashPo’s The Fix.

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