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The More You Know: Colbert Vs. Huckabee

March 11, 2011

Every week there are tidbits of information that are interesting, but don’t call for any real analysis or the time commitment a full blog post would require. So in like of that fact I’m adding a weekly fun (occasionally off topic) post. So without further ado let’s get to it.

During the March 7th episode of The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert , Colbert put “friend of the show” Mike Huckabee on notice for a series of “Huckaboms” he’s unleashed on audiences this week. After essentially spewing an array of hateful and nonsensical rhetoric on conservative radio which Colbert took offense to. Some of the gems of Huckabees rants included falsely saying the President grew up in Kenya and therefore had a different view of the Mau Mau Revolution than most Americans and equating gay marriage to incest.

Now those aren’t the reasons Colbert’s annoyed his problem is that the former Arkansas Governor is “a steaming pile of reasonable when he appears on the show. Until Huckabee agrees to come back on and “recklessly misspeak” he’ll remain on the satirical pundits naughty list

To read more about the attention Huckabee’s latest outbursts have been getting read pieces from the Huffington Post and the National Journal.

And don’t forget to watch the Comedy Central show below:

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