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The More You Know: Google Goes Literary

April 1, 2011


Sometimes I forget that when Google began it was only a sub-par email system with an astonishing amount of space. Fast forward to 2011 and Google has it’s hands in way too many cookie jars and it’s email system is a great example—it can now make phone calls, complete video chats, organize ‘important’ emails from ‘not important emails’ and acts as a truly addicting instant messaging experience.

Now Google is going into the publishing business with it’s new online magazine Think Quarterly (which can be downloaded here). The interactive and gorgeously designed periodical is everything you would expect from Google. Designed as the Big Think for the business world (my example not theirs) the articles are informative and well written and generally come alongside really interesting graphics. It’s already made it’s way on my bookmark toolbar.

Read more about how Google may be taking over the universe at Big Think, AFP, and see how others are reacting to Think Quarterly at the HuffPost and PC World.

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