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Why Voting Matters

April 4, 2011

To me voting matters all the time. I see it as a civic duty and personally I don’t understand why you’d vote. That being said I understand why a lot of people think that there vote ‘doesn’t matter’. When the news refers to an area or state race close they’re generally referring to races where candidates are within a few thousand votes of one another. Even amongst only a two or three thousand voters its hard to comprehend how your one vote matters—but it does.

This year in sixth Worcester district there was a tie in November’s state congressional race. An actual tie. A statistical tie. Both candidates, Democratic Representative and incumbent Geraldo Alicea and his opponent Peter Durrant, received around sixty five hundred votes. Just one vote could have pushed either candidate over the threshold and guaranteed him an office in the State House.

This past weekend I along with College Democrats of Massachusetts members from across the Commonwealth traveled to Southbridge to volunteer for Representative Alicea. We knocked on more than 1,000 doors and made hundreds of phone calls not simply because we agree with Alicea’s politics (which we do), but also to remind voters that every vote matters.

Although this may be the first time that a tie has ever happened in Massachusetts it isn’t necessary the last time it might happen here or somewhere else. Taking the time to vote, to become engaged, to voice your opinion might be the deciding factor—at the very least it gives you license to complain if things don’t go your way.

If you’re looking to volunteer check out the Emerson Democrats or the College Democrats of Massachusetts website!

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