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When Twitter Goes Poli-Geek

April 28, 2011

In the past few months I’ve come to realize that Twitter is kind of a haven for the nerdiest among us. Anyone who wants to hear about the absolute latest news for their niche topic of choice can look no further than the platform for finding out who’s reporting or speculating about what.

That in of itself would make Twitter useful for those readers like myself who are adore the latest reports on what’s happening in Washington and elsewhere, but some accounts have taken their usefulness to another level. Both the fictional and the satirical among us have taken real (or real-ish) events and furthered humorous discussions.

Below are four accounts and hashtags that prove being that poli-talk doesn’t have to be boring.

This satirical take on the real Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral bid in Chicago began as a simple profanely humorous look at Emanuel, but became an epic, almost literary tale. Told in fifteen hundred tweets became a tale of redemption and extremes while drawing in more and more followers. If you think I’m overstating the genius of Dan Sinker please take the time to read up on @MayorEmanuel himself.


I’ve already blogged about Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl’s factual mishap ,but the continued twitter implosion that followed has done nothing to redeem him. Here’s a brief excerpt of the craziness (and if you’re looking to follow the hashtag in real time just click on the image itself). As you can see Stephen Colbert fans are still relentlessly mocking the Senator’s less than factual statements despite the fact that he’s since struck them from the Congressional record.

One of my favorite accounts to date. This anonymously administered account takes on current events, politicians, and the public all while tweeting in character as if Aaron Sorkin himself were providing his lines. Not only is this fictional President’s take on modern politics generally spot on and insightful he also interacts with other characters from the fictional West Wing.

#govshutdownpickuplines and #shutdownpickuplines
These fun hastags sprang up during the will they won’t they soap opera that was the almost governmental shutdown. Below are some of the micro-blogging communities best (or worst) attempts at turning the then looking shutdown into slightly awkward come-ons.

Those might be my favorite satirical accounts, but what are yours?

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