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The End of Big Books

April 30, 2011

How Borders closings forecast the climate (How corporations are downsizing and restructuring their business plans)

It’s sad to see the Back Bay Borders close. Really it is. Despite having to remind myself as I enjoy 40% then 80% off Borders merchandise, I understand this is a loss for the city and for the company. The story of large-scale corporations like Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, and now Borders slowly down expansion plans or closing down under performing or redundant locations is a familiar one.

In an age where new bookstore start-ups seem to be a trend of the past it’s sad to see Boston with one less bookstore. As an avid reader and a supporter of Border’s exemplary customer service initiatives it’s sad to consider that some business plans will never be too big to fail.

For more information about the closing check out the Boston Globe and Bloomberg


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