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The Web, Like Life, Is What You Make It

May 5, 2011

Google Chrome just came out with a truly amazing addition to the It Get’s Better campaign today. The project started by Dan Savage is meant to encourage bullied LGBT teens and to remember that things will get better.

Since its creation celebrities, elected officials, and the general public have uploaded videos. Google’s is one of my favorites not simply because I like to see corporations fulfill their civil responsibilities, but also because it’s great advertising for the company. As someone who has problems with the often quirky Chrome browser this ad helps users to see it’s broader potential. With it (and the internet in general) “the web is what you make it”.

Movements and grassroots efforts aren’t created in a vacuum and neither are internet revolutions. This video proves that Google Chrome has the ability to connect people with social media so that together change–social or otherwise-can occur.

That’s important not simply because it’s true, but because, by participating in a social and internet movement officials like Obama and Hillary Clinton have further legitimized this sort of action and helped prove that it’s possible to change the world one click of your mouse at a time.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton’s additions to the project.

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