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10 Must Have iPhone Apps

November 27, 2011

Over the last month I’ve actually gotten more obsessive with my iPhone not less. These apps are just some of the reasons why I would marry an electronic device if that were legal in all 50 states. Whether you’re joining the roster of new iPhone users, like myself, or you’ve been reenergized by the newest iPhone update these updates will help you make the most of your phone.


For any current users of Dropbox on your Mac/PC you know that the company provides a service that lets you store and sync files online (sort of like the iCloud software, but not nearly as pretty). I could tell you about all the positives of the service, but I think I’ll let Jason Snell from MacWorld do it for me.


As a twitter user I’m always looking for the best application to tweet out quickly and efficiently.  As a Blackberry user I tried out Seemic as well as the usual suspects with finicky results. With the iPhone I assumed Ubersocial would just give me more of the same positives, but it actually improved the service. The picture is better as is the ability to spell check and the ability to save drafts of each tweet.


This is the same company that pioneered the awesome twisty-legged tripod for digital cameras. Not only are those twisty-legged tripods great for fledgling journalism students, but this app takes everything that’s average about the iPhone camera and innovates it.  This app really highlights how poorly featured the iPhone’s native camera app.


A little too ambitious as a service with a LONG list of features, but what it does do well video calls, voice calls, group video, and IM it supports on the iPhone as well—and better than Skype.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

This one is s helpful as it is easy. Just turn on your location series and it will instantly find all free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are. For college students or recent graduates with competing who are being frugal with their Internet plans this is the perfect app to save you some time and money.


My favorite application for international or just super long texts. No texting plans or hassles this Korean based service is a favorite.

Dragon Diction

This application doesn’t have the most accurate dictation, but it is one of the most easy-to use voice recognition services. It’s up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard and it has clearly displayed “Clear Text” and “Try Again” buttons.


A great deal has already been said about this service, but it needs to be included because it has one major feature and it executes it perfectly. You’ll never again have to strain to find the name of a song playing on the radio.


TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) has held an amazing conference since 1984. Their motto, “Ideas Worth Spreading” is an idea they’ve definitely driven into their newest application. It’s stylish, easy to use, and an incredible diversion from all that work people are always asking you to do.

Adobe Reader

For any student, recent graduate, or young professional whose every needed to read a PDF on the go the Adobe Reader app lets you read and interact with the widest variety of files yet.  Luckily it’s now available for iOS.

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