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The Top Four Most Affecting Blogs

December 2, 2011

While reading some of my favorite blogs this week I realized that at their best they can make you tear up with laughter or go mute with sadness.

Some touch your soul and make you feel all sorts of things; joy, sadness, hope. The emotional connection that these writers showcase is almost painful it’s so honest… and earnest.

Here are some of my favorites.

#1: Dear Old Love

The site is essentially a laundry lists of short notes submitted to the site about people they’ve loved.  The notes aren’t just angry or bitter or sad; though they certainly are that, but also beautiful in a way. There’s prose and a simplicity of language that’s compelling. The best posts speak to a longing that everyone feels, broken heart or not.

#2: An Earnest Attempt to Humanize Bullies Pt 1-3

Not only is RookieMag a great place to hang out in cyber space, but the series takes on a sensitive topic and handles it in a gorgeous way. It talks seriously about bullying, victims, and bullies themselves through the voices of past bullies. It’s provided a place were it’s safe to voice your most horrible moments—and seek forgiveness.

#3: We Are The 99 Percent

This Tumblr blog gives a voice to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  It’s honest and heartbreaking and exposes the real problems that are at the root of OWS.  The blog itself lists hundreds of personal stories written out or shown in photo form, but the stories themselves are what makes this site remarkable.

#4: Thought Catalog

I’ll admit it occasionally posts here are hit or miss. Sometimes, when reaching for poignancy writers instead find the most common clichés to describe our generation. At other times the site flourishes. When it’s successful,  (Make Friends Like It’s The Sandlot Or Stand By Me) these posts are the quickest trip to visceral reactions. They hit that emotional cord that’s partly about nostalgia, but also about a sense of community and connection. When so many people seem to share a specific idea or passion it not only makes that thing special. It makes you feel special too.

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