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Four Sites That Were Destined To Exist

December 27, 2011

Some things are simply meant to be. They show up on the Internet and you become so hooked you don’t know how you survived without them—or why you’d want to. Below are a few of the sites that were always going to happen.

Never Liked It Anyway

A marketplace for the baggage left over from past relationships—minus the emotional kind.

This startup site provides a place for a place that gives users a way to get rid of unneeded items, usually at a discounted “break up” price. If it takes off it could be a great new location for bargain shoppers.  At the moment the featured listing include a vintage copper fondue set and a leather jacket worth $75 and $70 in real life, but only $40 and $15 in breakup pricing.

If more users flock to the site and choose to keep writing humorous descriptions of their breakups and the items they sale this site could become an awesome little community.



Pintrest is kind of like your mom’s Tumblr. It provides a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting or affecting. My aunt uses it to find new recipes and craft ideas for her kids and since signing up (it’s invitation only at this point) I’ve seen everything from “best gifts for boyfriends” to Somecards screenshots.

The main differences from Tumblr to Pintrest are that all uploaded items are known as Pins, which each user can place on customized Boards. You can create Boards for any topic imaginable.

If you’re interested check out this Beginners Guide to Pintrest.




Possibly one of the simplest and easiest flight searches I’ve used. Hipmunk provides not only the traditional search options, but also options for those who need other options to search by how much ‘agony’ they’ll endure from each flight, to search by airline, or the ability to show flights that are ‘worse’ but slightly cheaper than your thriftiest option.

The site gets provides more helpful hints ranging from “times that at night are darker” and “we hide flights that are worse” the more often you search.

Don’t Drink and Dial


This one isn’t technically a website but it’s certainly an app that was destined to exist. This app (made for Android and iPhone) allows users to finally stop drunk texting for good. A built in timer forces users to block out the phone numbers/email addresses of those you really shouldn’t text at 2am.

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