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When Data Is Beautiful: Part Deux

February 12, 2012

A little less than a year ago I posted about my love affair with informational graphics. The turning point between when data is aggregated and when it becomes an art in of itself is fascinating to me. This time I’ve branched out to include websites that attempt to showcase data in engaging ways.

Below are some of the more interesting info based messages I’ve come across in the past year.

I Want You To Want Me 

With Valentine’s Day coming up in two days this presentation is especially nice to revisit.  I Want You To Want Me was a 2008 interactive installation commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art. Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar’s exhibit “Design and the Elastic Mind” explores the search for love and self in the world of online dating. Using real data collected from popular dating sites the presentation takes a minute look at their users and the world.

Big Boston Warm-Up

A few years ago Land’s Down took part in a campaign to donate coats to homeless people across Boston. It was simple donate a coat, get a new one for a discount. The Big Boston Warm-up site was one aspect of their marketing plan that provided not only a way to locate where your coat ended up, but also provided a gorgeous illustration of a devastating series of statics.

What’s Your Health Code

What’s Your Health Code, looks at the risks of living in certain areas of Boston. It’s advice? When you think about your health, consider your zip code.

Sony Panoramic Story

Sony’s panoramic challenge follows Europe takes two photographers Lucie and Simon as they traveled through seven countries. 6381 pictures were taken as the couple moved from two sides of Europe to reach one another in the middle for one grand picturesque interactive story.

Flyover Gets a Makeover

Flyover Gets a Makeover looks at how smaller cities are striving and gaining tourists is interesting to say the least. Each cities changes over the past few years is interesting, but combined with it’s changing slogan Des Moines seems the most dramatic. The marking firm behind the shift from “Not as Bring as You Think” to “Des Moines. Do More” said “it was time for Des Moines to stop apologizing for not being Chicago or Minneapolis and start challenging metropolitan areas for not being everything Des Moines is” and they were definitely right.

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