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The ‘Cool’ Presidency

February 25, 2012

In the past year the President has begun adding to a somewhat unrealistic sense of cool. In the past year he’s begun signing select tweets himself, singing with musical legends, and participating in very public jokes.  The attention getting hijinks seem to be accomplishing the campaigns goal and grabbing the attention of younger voters. Regardless of purpose the President has come a long way since SNL’s skit on his attitude in 2008.

He’s Shown Some Soul

In the past month President Obama has sung with Mick Jagger & Jeff Beck, turning the East Room into an intimate performance hall, and sampled Al Green at a fundraiser. The videos below of the President harmonizing just a few lines of  “Sweet Home Chicago” and “Let’s Stay Together?” have been circulating around the web (and in more geeky conversations) that are fueling more excitement over the President’s 2012 campaign.

He Romances His Wife

Though the President and First Lady are, appropriately, private about their personal relationship there’s no denying they’re a cute youngish couple. This Valentine’s day Barack Obama advised men everywhere to “go big” when coming up with Valentine’s day plans for their loved ones. Later he tweeted a happy birthday to Michele gaining 12.5 million or so ‘aws’ from his followers.

He Proved He Can Take (And Make) A Joke

Back in early January Obama wished Zooey Deschanel and Betty White respective happy birthdays. Deschanel who has worked with the White House for WWTDG: Women Working to Do Good initiative received a lovely note (you can find it below), which she shared on Facebook. It reads, “Michelle and I send our warmest wishes for a happy birthday. As you celebrate this special occasion with your family and friends, please know I am grateful for all you have done to encourage and support young women who are making a difference across our country. I hope your day is filled with love and laughter, and I wish you all the best for good health and happiness in the year ahead.”


Betty White was wished a warm birthday wish via a video message. In it he expresses his disbelief over her age then demands to see her long form birth certificate. Later he hums the theme song to the “Golden Girls”  in which White starred.

Despite his continued obsession with his Blackberry (an upgrade would relate more to Millennials) the President’s ‘col factor’, and the media attention that’s come with it, is getting everyday voters talking.

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