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‘Obama Girl’ Calls For The President to ‘Step Up’

February 27, 2012

“Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger has a new YouTube video putting pressure on her “crush” to convince voters that the President Obama deserves to reelected.

Her newest video, “Glease” is a poppy, and somewhat choppy, version of the song “You’re the One That I Want” from the musical “Grease”. In it Ettinger plays hard to get with YouTube’s popular President Obama impersonator, Alphacat.

It’s premise is that “Obama” wants Ettinger’s vote, but he’ll need to “bone up” or risk losing it—and the election. An alternative electoral solution Rick “Frothy Shake Shack” Santorum is depicted.

“You better step up, cuz I need that man, if my old crush on you was true,” Ettinger sings. “Cuz across the land all our hearts were bet on you.”

Ettinger’s message is very different from her feverish admiration for Obama back in 2007 when her videos became a viral sensation.  It’s not too surprising based on interviews she’s given since the inauguration suggesting she’s more focusing on evaluating every candidate in the race.

Decide for yourself on the video below.

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