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One Million Moms, Archie Comics Aren’t Ruining America

March 3, 2012

The changing landscape of Archie comics has been met with very little fanfare. With the exception of Fox News commentators, the

introduction of more multicultural and gay characters into Archie Comics has gone smoothly. The issue Life With Archie #16­ where Kevin Keller, the openly gay Archie character, returns home from war and the gang assembles to watch him marry.

Finding this objectionable One Million Moms, the same group that went after JC Penny and Ellen DeGeneres earlier in the year, is threatening to boycott comic seller Toy ‘R’ Us

They’ve written to the chain saying:

While I certainly sympathize with parents who want to further avoid having an uncomfortable discussion with their child their actions are going to far. The group doesn’t just want to protect their children from the material they don’t want any child to have to access it.  Keeping Archie comics out of Toys ‘R’ Us won’t make same sex couples invisible like it not One Million Mom’s children ultimately have to live in it.


Archie Comics co-CEO John Goldwater responded with this:


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  1. March 13, 2012 12:59 PM

    Interesting article – kudos. You often write a entertaining blog post. Thanks!


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