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Rush Limbaugh, The Key To A More Civil Discourse?

March 6, 2012

If haven’t been living in a cave, you’ve heard about the debates over birth control and Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about the degenerates who feel entitled to substantial health care. (Incidentally if you have been living in a cave, then your life sounds awful nice. Do people not argue about basic rights there? If so I’d love to become your new roommate as the world has recently become an unsettling place.)

Wednesday, shock jock Rush Limbaugh ignited an onslaught of controversy when he suggested Sandra Fluke’s support of contraception coverage made her a ‘slut’ and a prostitute. Limbaugh’s assertions supplied hours of content for his show as he attempted to bully the young women into silencing her views on what she can and can’t do with her own body.

Everyone from the president—who called Fluke after the incident to thank her for speaking on behalf of the contraception law –to GOP Presidential candidates who, publically at least, deemed the statements inappropriate, absurd, and crude.

Limbaugh’s misogynistic assault on the Georgetown university law student wasn’t surprising—his job is to offend and repulse and he did just that—but the response to it might be. The personal way Limbaugh directed his assault and who he directed it to casts it in a different light than other, similar attacks.

The image of a famous old man sitting in his studio picking on a student offends a basic sense of decency even among those who might otherwise agree. She’s not a politician, or a President, or a CEO she’s a young women. Hearing Limbaugh cast Fluke as a whore to millions of listeners makes us rear on our haunches as we image her as a friend, or a sister, or classmate. His thoughtless remarks united a divided populace enough to agree, at the very least, that vile personal attacks don’t belong in this debate.

Regulating pregnancy is a legitimate media need. Unlike Viagra and drugs like it, which are already covered, birth control has other medical uses beyond preventing pregnancy. Concerns, legitimate or not, that forcing companies and organizations to cover birth control is paramount to ‘financing’ “sex life” aside it’s about someone’s right to health care.

Limbaugh apologized for his “insulting word choices” after sponsors and executives came down on the show, but it’s not enough. The ‘debate’ he’s instigated himself into is a changed one—that focuses less about health and more on sex.

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