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A Fresh Take On Political Drama And Female Politician Trend on Television

March 8, 2012

There are two new political and political dramas coming out this year that are moving women to the forefront of the genre. Typically political drama forces women into most tertiary roles as spouses, girlfriends, or in non-essential roles like in Dave or The American President. There power comes from relationships not from their own work and it’s changing.

In Scandal Kerry Washington stars in Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes. Washington plays a Washington D.C. crisis management expert (or fixer). Washington’s character does have a more than friendly relationship with the President within the series, but it centers on her work—on her pursuit of power. Inspired by Judy Smith a DC institution that’s helped manage crises on both sides of the aisle. Smith is the woman who helped guide Bill Clinton, Michael Vick, and New York Governor David Paterson through various scandals and serves as White House Deputy Press Secretary to President George W. H. Bush. The trailer makes me think the show will focus less on “ripped from the headlines” melodrama and more on the common lives of characters in extraordinary work positions. I for one can’t wait till April 5 to see is up to the challenge it’s set for itself.

Political Animals
, USA’s newest summer addition takes on a First Lady turned divorces Secretary of State. Sigourney Weaver stars as the main character that’s clearly based on (the still married) Hillary Clinton. Beginning shortly after the loss of a Presidential election and the dissolution of her marriage the show focused on her life work and changing circumstances. The show is co-produced by Greg Berlanti who created and produced the WB’s Everwood so it’s sure to bring emotion and complexity to the Clinton archetype.

In the meantime there are a few shows that find female politicians in a variety of places in their lives. There’s Parks & Recreations Leslie Knope and Mel Burke in Melissa & Joey. Both take comedic looks at women striving to manage aspiration for local office and their home lives without sacrificing their devotion to either.

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