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‘Hunger Games’-Inspired Anti-Hunger Campaign Safe From Litigation From Lionsgate

March 26, 2012

The Districts have triumphed over the Capitol.

Lionsgate, during a record-breaking opening weekend of its adaptation of the young adult novel The Hunger Games, has reconsidered the takedown notice it sent to Imagine Better, an organization running a Hunger Games inspired anti-hunger campaign, “Hunger IsNot a Game”.

Three days ago the company issued a takedown notice targeted at the Hunger Is Not A Game campaign, which seeks to build support for Oxfam’s GROW program. Lionsgate accused Imagine Better of “causing damage to Lionsgate and our marketing efforts”—though they’d previously been supportive of the group.

The tradition of avid fans of, usually, geeky pop culture and coming together to support good causes is a long standing one. Whether it’s the Browncoats raising money for charity or the Harry Potter Alliance doing everything from sending medical aid to Haiti to campaigning for marriage equality in Maine fans of these series do more than simply indulge in a good story. They make a difference and fans of Suzanne Collins dystopian young adult series have followed suit.

Fan outrage has since forced Lionsgate to reconsider their takedown of the group. The company will not pursue legal action to back up the takedown notice. Kate Pilliero , the company’s Corporate Communications Vice President, told the LA Times that the company’s main concern was that their official Hunger Games charitable partners have exclusive use of the film’s official images. While that may have a factor it’s also clear that Image Better had created their own separate images and logo in deference to company’s legal obligations.

For now the Districts persevere.

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