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How to Steal an Election: Deconstructing Ron Paul’s Delegate Plan

March 29, 2012

Despite losing in all primaries Ron Paul’s delegate plan may give him the leverage he needs come convention time. If the Republican field enters the convention as divided as they are now the campaign’s delegate strategy may make his presence at convention more than a mere formality.

So far Paul has secured 48 delegates, according to an Associated Press tally, making the total of 1,144 needed to secure the nomination out of reach, but securing the Presidency doesn’t appear to be his goal. The campaign is targeting local meetings held in counties around the country to pick up delegates.

The Texas Congressman has been organizing his devout followers to convince the party committee members that elect delegates to support their candidacies. Paul’s plan is to convince as many supporters as possible to attend delegate committees in the hope that they’ll be voted to the state committee and then be sent to the Republican National Convention.

Ron Paul supporters have been coaching supporters on how best to go about becoming a delegate. In an email to local supporters Paul’s Georgia Coordinator states:

Considering the enthusiasm of his small but energetic base it’s a solid strategy. Ideally, the Paul campaign would like its supporter to make up 51% of the attendees at each district convention so that its supporters can make motions, control the proceedings, and make sure its supporters get nominated as delegates to the national convention.

Regardless of the outcome, Paul’s supporters have created a new class of Republicans that are not going to go away after November.

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