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5 ‘Occupy’ Friendly Candidates Running For Congress

April 4, 2012

Although the ‘Occupy’ movement hasn’t involved itself directly into elections it hasn’t stopped candidates from identifying with it. Here’s a list of 5 hopefuls who have found support in various ways from the movement.


Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts)

Despite claims by national republicans and current MA Senator Scott Brown that Warren’s ties to the Occupy movement is a sign of her ‘extremist leanings’ her campaign hasn’t backed down.. “She understands why people are so angry and why they are taking the fight to the street,” her spokesperson told the Washington Post and the candidate herself has taken credit for “much of the intellectual foundation” of the movement.

Chances: Good. Polls show Warren neck and neck with Republican Scott Brown and Democratic supporters are pulling out all the stops after the earlier special election loss that gave Brown, Kennedy’s former seat.


Lori Saldana (California)

Saldana’s campaign slogan is  “Fighting for America’s middle class” an image the 52nd Congressional contender has been courting since she (in the words of the San Diego Union-Tribune) “leapt headlong into the Occupy movement. This past January, she joined a rally to protest of the Citizens United ruling.

Chances: Good. Local polling data shows a fairly competitive race in the district.


Hakeem Jeffries (New York)

In January, Jeffries announced he’d run for Congress in NY’s 10th Congressional District against fifteen-term incumbent Ed Towns. The current state assemblyman courted Occupy supporters during a speech at Brooklyn Occupy rally, where he passionately spoke about income inequality and issues of class warfare.

Chances: Fair-Good. Jeffries has picked up 20 endorsements since his announcement including those from the local union that Towns has alienated. That combined with the redistricting revision in Brooklyn, Harlem has left a fairly friendly district for Jeffries to court.


Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin)

Often referred to as the most liberal Democrat of the House Baldwin sponsored a resolution in 2010 opposing any government solution that grants criminal immunity to banks and banking officials.

Chances: Excellent. All polls show that she’s the likely nominee to replace Sen. Herb Kohl.


Hansen Clarke (Michigan)

Earlier this year Michigan’s 14th District Congressman sponsored legislation to forgive student debt and has been an outspoken advocate for more affordable higher education for his entire career. His candidness and support of student aid has made him a hero to the Occupy movement.

Chances: The Congressman is running against another incumbent Congressman after redistricting, but Clarke does have an early cash advantage and a growing list of endorsements.

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