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Sigourney Weaver’s Takes on Hillary Clinton

April 10, 2012

I’ve been saying how ecstatic I am about the trend of female politicians on screen and that joy only continues as more information about Political Animals is announced. The Greg Berlanti (“Everwood”) six-hour miniseries stars Sigourney Weaver and focuses on Elaine Barrish, a Former First Lady turned divorced Secretary of State, and her family. The project is set to air the summer on the USA Network.

Barrish, the newly appointed Secretary of State who is throwing herself into job after recovering from the dissolution of her marriage and a presidential bid that came up short. Although ‘fictional’ the comparisons to current Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton are immense USA still claims the show is a work of fiction.

From her relationship with her ex-husband, the former President, to the managing of her public personal and professional lives the story is obviously one we’ve seen play out in part in real life. Continuing on that theme Barrish’s jovial ex-husband, is seen struggling with his divorce and the downfall in popularity since his philandering was discovered by the public, appears to be as in love with his ex-wife as he is with the office he once held.

The show itself looks insanely interesting and with Weaver at the helm it should be fantastic. Her ability to play tough straightforward characters with integrity and grace should showcase Clinton’s toughness.  It’s fitting seeing that Weaver, who first played a First Lady dealing with infidelity in Dave, gets to come back to play the second half of that story in a much more dynamic way.

Stories of political people have always been fodder for Hollywood, but there’s something inspiring about the way the women in those stories have evolved from being spouses or partners to powerful players in their own right.

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