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Top Political Memes of 2012

April 11, 2012

Political satire is just another reason I adore about the Internet. This campaign season has already generated tons of funny and thoughtful memes—from Twitter handles to dubbed videos.

Here’s a few of the most creative political memes of 2012.

1.     Texts from Hillary

There is no denying that the Time Magazine photo of a no nonsense Clinton checking her Blackberry inside a C-17 plane taken last October this popular meme has gained lots of attention. The photo went viral last week and has spanned a Tumblr page that features several very inventive possible texts messages sent between Hillary Clinton and various other high profile politicians and celebrities.

2.     Santorum’s Sweater Vest

Rick Santorum’s bold cold weather fashion statement is one thing I’ll miss about his campaign. During his run it became a unifying symbol among creators. Santorum’s collection spawned it’s own Tumblr blog and a Twitter account that personifies the vest, ““I’m @RickSantorum’s sweater vest. I’ve heard Rick say ‘sleeves just slow me down!’ Fear me…and….hear me!”

3.     Herman Cain—Gotta Catches Them All 

Cain’s ending his run to White House wasn’t surprising, but quoting the Pokemon theme song in his exiting speech he stunned everyone. Photo shopped photos of Cain with the franchise’s characters began popping up soon after. Later Cain sang the theme song at a South Carolina rally with Stephen Colbert.

4.     Obama ‘Osama’ Bin Laden

Memes of the President have been popular throughout his term, but the trend only intensified after Bin Laden’s death. Here’s just a sample of the ongoing sensation.

For more check out Seefik’s list of 2012’s best memes.

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