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Five Reasons I’m Watching “Girls”

April 18, 2012

Graduating from college is a daunting experience. It’s like you’re trying out to be a grown-up, but with only half of your lines memoried. It’s scary and confusing and I’m sure looking back 5 years from now incredibly poignant, but it’s also a common experience that we can all relate to. So is being a 20-something whether or not you live in a big city. Having to negotiate friendships, relationships, parents, money, and an oscillating social life are the life breath of Girls. It’s an honest take on a confusing time and from where I’m standing it’s sure to be my generation’s Sex and the City (although we also absorbed that series as well).

Just in case you’re looking for another reason to watch Girls after your weekly dose of Game of Thrones here are my top five:

1.Realistic look at Twenty-Somethings:

From the small apartments that Lena Dunham insisted upon to the general floundering of the main characters Girls seems to accurately depict what its like to be in your early 20s. The unpaid internships, lack of job security, and constant feeling that the ‘future’ will be in some ways transformative combined with a startling lack of focus are painfully familiar. The show doesn’t just understand the nonsensical security of being in a “good place right now”, but the reality and embarrassment of being on your parents’ dime even when you’re not in their house.

2. The show has a realistic look at pop culture:

The show already does an excellent job of portraying culture in a way that doesn’t seem forced. The show is populated with references and conversations that relate with what the characters would actually watch and listen to. For millennials culture and pop culture is intertwined and mentions of Kelly Clarkson, Sex and the City, Gchat, etc. go a long way to make the world of Girls more related to ours.

3. The leads are genuinely funny:

Not since Bridesmaids have I witnessed female characters that seem to embody women I actually know. Flawed sometimes selfish and incredibly funny women seem to inhabit the world of Girls. Their deliciously awkward responses to relationships of all kinds and their lives and in general are refreshing.

Just take this line from the show’s premier: “The totem of chat. The lowest, that would be Facebook, followed by Gchat, then texting, then email, then phone. Face to face would be ideal, but it’s not of this time.” Then go watch.

4. Accurate depiction of sexual health:

Girls seems to be one of the only television shows where people talk about health and reproductive rights frankly and honestly and with the candor you find in real life. Unexpected pregnancies, AIDS, STDs, HPV, all are discussed with the irrelevance and false bluster they’re discussed in hits just the right cord.

5. A look at a new kind of contemporary female friendship:

Rebacca Traister has an awesome piece where she discusses this at length, but the jest of her and my point is that Girls shows that friends can be your true loves despite romantic failures. More specifically it’s nice to see characters that are comfortable curling up in each other’s beds, walking into bathrooms with no regard each others privacy, and late-night television walking.

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