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Character Break

May 25, 2012

Time it marches on.

A lot of interesting pieces and projects are afoot so today’s installation will be longer than usual.

-As someone who regularly believes Millenials have made significant strides with our views on discrimination, race, and sex this Nation piece was a bit hard to swallow.

Social Wills are apparently an established thing now. Does it make me less of a social media geek that this idea sketches me out a bit?

-The Atlantic once again writes about a topic near and dear to my heart, the ethics of the unpaid internship.

-Earlier this month the Obama administration treated voters like adults while killing a Koch Brothers attack ad spot. It was refreshing.

-Even given weeks of perspective I still believe Andrew Sullivan wrote the most thought and thought provoking reaction to Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage. It’s a must read.

-Apparently my addition to coffee will help me live longer. That’s a definite plus.

-Cory Booker the country’s most popular mayor criticized the President, Romney, and the GOP while calling for civility proving once again he’s a hard politician to qualify.

-TED has decided that income equality is too ‘controversial’ i.e. partisan an idea to talk about. It would be funny if it weren’t so disappointing.

Rebecca Traister combatted the conservatives changing views of feminism in the the Post and began what I assume will be an election cycle worth of conversation on the topic.

Glee rarely does things to make me happy, but the finale’s ode to Burt Hummel the world’s greatest dad was a fine moment of television.

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