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Take Two

February 11, 2013

Time it marches on.

It’s Monday once again and here’s a list of what you should be experiencing all over again.

-I was checking out my Twitter Archive again and I came across this article on Cory Booker helping residents through a blizzard–in 2010. Before he literally saved a resident from a burning building Mayor Booker and fans were just begining to understand how old school his tech savvy methods were.
The NYT’s look at Stephen Colbert and his many personas from early ’12.
-Salon’s Rebecca Traister’s piece on Gabrielle Giffords shortly after the shooting that almost took her life in ’11.
-Speaking of Traister, I’m listening to her book Big Girl’s Don’t Cry for possibly the 20th time. Higly recommend for those that like both nostalgia and political writing from cultural perspectives.
Return To The Scene Of The Crime, One of my very favorite This American Life Episodes. Josh Whedon, Dan Savage, Mike Birbiglia–If you’ve never heard it or if you’ve heard it a million times, take a minute and listen again.

Return To The Scene Of The Crime
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