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Take Two

February 20, 2013
***I got my timing a bit off this week so instead of having a ‘Character Break’ post today you’l be getting Monday’s ‘Take Two’ Post. We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week.**

Time it marches on.

– I was explaining to a friend this week why I like How I Met Your Mother, and it reminded me of this piece by Linda Holmes at NPR. There’s a philosophy of life that the show that not only accepts, but embraces–that life is messy. You can’t have the great moments without the heartbreaking ones. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s one that HIMYM has been happily feeding viewers for years.
– ‘Very Special Episodes’ get a bad rap–but they’re usually sappy, but great. Jest did an episode of the best a year ago that’s worth a re-watch.
– Do you remember when The New Yorker imagined Kayne West’s tweets as drawn by New Yorker artists? It was pretty excellent.
The Onion has done a masterful job over the past few years of creating a truly engaging alternative identity for Joe Biden. Every so often I like to look back on my his most outrageous stories, like the time the fictional VP road tripped to the DNC Convention, explained his love of the summer of ’87, or the time he brought the audience to tears during the VP debate.
-Re-reading an older Think Progress article from Alyssa Rosenberg on the lingering personal capitol certain types of racism bring was both interesting and a good place to start on a post you’ll see next week on the changing landscape of race and gender in popular network television.
– Remember WAY back when the thought of hearing Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” didn’t fill you with ire? Let’s all remember the first time we saw the video, and were pleasantly surprised to see her character react so good-humoredly to discovering that her newest crush was crushing on her very male bandmate.

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