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Take Two

February 25, 2013

Time it marches on.

Another Monday another examination of some of my favorite older cultural pieces.

– Rap has a long history of being condescending towards women. Mychal Denzel Smith’s examination of Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” was a fantastic example of the trouble some rappers have navigating populism with empowering women.
-I admit it, I’m a lover of Rom-Com’s and The Atlantic’s list of the top 10 Classic Rom-Com Epiphany Moments.
-Remember that time when the West Wing had a reunion and walk and talks abounded? Yeah, that was awesome. 
– With House of Cards changing the way distribution of television occurs if not the actual quality of it’s content I’ve been reading a lot of recaps, which reminded me of Jaime Weinman’s piece on the limitations of reviewing content on a week by week basis. 
-As someone who’s often related to Ted’s douchier tendencies (really who doesn’t enjoy finding mistakes in restaurant menus!) I loved Linda Holme’s 2010 defense of Ted Mosby.
– I always forget that Katy Pery’s breakup anthem “Part of Me” expresses the idea that a fulfilling career is a much better alternative than a rotten relationship, and that the company of friends who bring out the best of you is more worthy of your attention than the presence of just any man. 

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